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Above is infinite sky,below the endless blue ocean,In between is divided for red blood and flesh. Neither the sky nor the ocean ever changes their colors,Color of the blood still the Red. Still the alive flesh love to change the ocean and the sky,Almighty got angry and imprisoned the culprit. The culprit is begging forContinue reading “Pursuit”


Mentally I am on the mountain where that cold breeze cuddling my cheeks,And I am surrounded by peace and silence which can enlighten my soul. I can feel nothing but inner peace and happiness of that surrounding because at the end everyone desired to be at peace and at better palce. My thoughts have stoppedContinue reading “Perspective”

Wings 💸

“I have come to accept the feelingof not knowing where I am going.And I have trained myself to love it.Because it is only whenwe are suspended in mid-airwith no landing in sight,that we force our wings to unraveland alas begin our flight.And as we fly,we still may not know where we are going to.But theContinue reading “Wings 💸”


The eyes which can behold me forever, i think don’t exist..! The hands which i can hold and walk any miles,I think don’t exist..! The heart which I can truely claim as mine , doesn’t exist..! The only thing which exist is my faith and unlimited amount of patience, Expected to experience that magic atContinue reading “HOPE AND WAIT”

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